Ridgeway Primary School

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Pupil Council


The Pupil Council Anti-Bullying Team, Our Caring Crew, is a keen group of pupils committed to creating a safe and inclusive school environment for all. Their main purpose is to prevent bullying in all its forms. This team works tirelessly to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying and implement anti-bullying initiatives. Through campaigns, and peer support, they aim to foster empathy, respect, and kindness among pupils, making our school a place where everyone feels valued and protected. The Anti-Bullying Team strives to ensure that no child must endure the pain of bullying, and they stand as promoters for a culture of respect and inclusion.


The Pupil Council Community Team is a group of enthusiastic pupils dedicated to strengthening the links between our school and the wider community. Their primary purpose is to initiate and coordinate projects that benefit our local neighbourhoods and beyond. Whether it's organizing fundraisers for charitable causes, volunteering at community events, or engaging in outreach programmes, this team strives to make a positive impact beyond the school gates. Through their efforts, they aim to instil a sense of civic responsibility, empathy, and cooperation among pupils, fostering a strong connection between our school and the broader community. The Community Team embodies the spirit of giving back and demonstrates the power of unity in creating a better world for all.


The Pupil Council Eco Team is a dedicated group of pupils committed to championing environmental sustainability within our school community. Their primary purpose is to raise awareness about pressing ecological issues, propose and implement eco-friendly initiatives, and inspire positive change in our school environment. This team strives to foster a culture of environmental responsibility among pupils and staff, with the goal of creating a greener and more sustainable future for our school and beyond.


The Pupil Council Physical Activity Team, the Healthy Play Team, is a group of students passionate about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within our school community. Their primary purpose is to encourage physical fitness and well-being among their peers. This dedicated team organises and promotes various physical activities, sports events, and fitness challenges to engage students in regular exercise. By fostering a culture of active living, they aim to improve the overall health and vitality of their fellow students, while also emphasizing the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth. The Physical Activity Team is committed to ensuring that our school community embraces the benefits of an active lifestyle, both now and in the futur


The Pupil Council Online Safety Team, the i-Vengers is a group of pupils dedicated to promoting digital well-being and ensuring a safe online environment within our school community. Their primary purpose is to educate pupils about online risks, cyberbullying, and responsible internet use. They work hard to promote safer online practices and collaborate with school staff to implement effective online safety measures. By fostering a culture of digital responsibility, this committed team aims to empower Team Ridgeway to navigate the online world with confidence and security, ensuring a positive and secure digital experience for all.