Ridgeway Primary School

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Business, Financial & Personal Interests


Updated February 2023

Emma Allen

  • Employment: Concorde BGW
  • Company Director: Bowman Property

Victoria Barnes

  • Teacher at Ridgeway Primary School
  • None

Jim Brimble

  • Employment: NHS Professionals Ltd
  • Trustee of Ridgeway Educational Charity

Carolyn Clethro

  • Committee Chair at Ridgeway Under Fives

Stacey Flint

  • Employment: Aston Academy ACET Trust

Kay McKenna

  • None

Kirsty Mason

  • None

Rob Moffatt

  • None

Lucy Mottram

  • Teacher at Tupton Hall School, Derbyshire

Cathy Naylor (Acting Headteacher)

  • None

Carolyn Renwick

  • Partner/Proprietor, Ridgeway Forge 
  • Councillor, North East Derbyshire District Council & Derbyshire County Council
  • Charity Trusteeship: Ridgeway Sports and Social Club, Ridgeway School Trust

David Tingle

  • Fiona Tingle (Spouse) teacher at Ridgeway Primary School.

Ian Westwood

  • Employment: Home Office, Civil Service

Iain Wilson (Headteacher)

  • None