RIDGEWAY Primary School

School Uniform & Dress Code

As our children’s education is supported most effectively with teamwork between home and school, we ask that parents support the school’s dress code and ensure that the children attend school dressed according to that code. Our job is to help prepare children for Secondary School. At Secondary School failure to wear the correct uniform results in detentions, isolation and can even result in temporary exclusions, so we need to ensure the correct habits and attitudes to uniform start early.




Yellow polo shirt with school logo and burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo.


Plain grey or black smart trousers (no denim), shorts or skirts (skirts should be no higher than just above the   knee) or thick, black, smart leggings (no logos and no jeggings).


Plain grey or black, flat soles without visible logos.


If your child wishes to wear dresses these can be in either of the following styles; plain   grey pinafore dress over the school yellow polo shirt or a yellow gingham dress.


P.E Kit:


White t-shirt (plain or with school logo). A black sweatshirt (plain or with school logo— no other logos) for outside PE in colder weather.


Black shorts & black or burgundy track suit bottoms (no logos)


A pair of PE pumps for indoor use and trainers for outdoor use.



We understand that children like to have their ears pierced but we request that only simple studs are worn in school. We would ask that they be removed for PE and swimming lessons. Given the healing time after ears are newly pierced I would recommend waiting until the start of the Summer Holidays before this is done to remove this issue of taking the earrings out for PE. Any other jewellery is not allowed, the only exception to this being medical alert ID jewellery.


When we get into summer months and enjoy the warmer weather (hopefully) we are happy for both boys and girls to wear sandals but for health and safety reasons, please ensure that they are sensible with a sturdy strap around the ankle and across the toes. Please do not send children in 'Crocs', jelly shoes or sandals with a thong toe. If they are not wearing socks with their sandals they will need to have a pair in school for outdoor PE, as well as their trainers.