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Ultra Violet! Ultra Violet!

Home learning from 17th March

Cracking on with our 'letter of complaint', ironically, to our favourite restaurant; maths - all things geometric - working out missing angles of straight line, round the corners, triangles, quadrilaterals - and then problem solving; art regards Tutenkhamun; PE was lacrosse Monday, but the field boggy Tuesday so continued with Topic - interpreting history; plus so much more.

This week's home learning: R2C; RT x2x2; Weekly Skills 8; Spelling 'shun' words; XTR; and lovely to see so many UV's doing that bit extra, going the extra yard, and producing a bit of home learning of their own: sometimes creative; oft times academic.

Have a successful weekend, may a few dreams come true.

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Home learning from 10th March

Big wins week for the Uv's: newspaper reports finished and printed and looking very professional with photographs, captions, orientation, re-orientation, main articles, headlines, etc, etc; maths was a step up with test style perimeter, then area, questions; Science identified parts of the heart; topic this week was legacy of architecture, with Indus Valley as exemplar, pupil choice as their research; PE was an introduction to lacrosse - a great game in my opinion; and of course so much more.

Home learning is per usual, with XTR back up and running.  Great job last week with all UV's trying the harder weekly skills and producing some super scores.

Hopefully all having an exciting few days of winter activities.

Take care, have a blast.


Home learning from 3rd March

A very busy, positive week back from our short half term break kicking on into the 'subjects' outlined below, below.

This week's home learning as follows:

R2C; RT x2 x2; Weekly skills 6 -everyone is now doing the same home learning sheet - Egyptians (although in class some children will still work on an alternate); XTR - thank you for all the messages, hopefully back up and running soon; spelling sheet -el; al; le.

Sending home 2 x Take 10s tonight, plus Maths paper 3 and Reading Answer booklet from 2018 - UV's have assured me that they can bring up the SAT 2018 Reading booklet at home and no need to send that!  All for perusal, maybe run through a few 'gaps' over the next few weeks if time and inclination.

BOOSTERS. Start next Monday after school, I have only had a couple of parents explain their child is unable to attend, so thank you for adjusting drop offs and pick ups, these extra sessions in small groups will be educational - and fun?

Have a lovely weekend all, fingers crossed for or against snow? Enjoy the RnR.


What is coming up this half term?

Begun our new topic Ancient Civilisations - with a particular emphasis on Ancient Egypt, although researching other cultures at times. (Art this half term will be printing linked to topic)

Writing for the next two weeks is a newspaper report regards the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, lots of opportunity taken for using Y6 writing features.

No class book this half term, too short for a peer related novel, so we will be sharing various myths from some of the Ancient Civilisations studied.

Maths, perimeter, then areas of triangles (and parallelograms) was taught, and next week will be using these teaching points to problem solve.

Science next week will be all about our respiratory system, with a sharp focus on the heart next week. PSHE our topic is Changes'; RE - what matters most to Christians and Humanists.

PE - main lesson on a Monday is orienteering? And with a teacher on Tuesday basketball.

Home learning from 17th February

A well deserved break heading our way, so please down tools for a week and enjoy a good old relax; maybe pick up tools from next Friday regards home learning.

Thank you for attending the SATs meeting last night, hoping it was useful, and I am looking forward to seeing parents 1:1 in March to go through individual achievements and targets.

And so to home learning for a week on Wednesday: 

R2C; Spellings; Maths half termly skills; XTRockstars; Read Theory x 4; plus, a chance to run through a few of the recent assessments (Maths papers 1,2,3 and SPaG (for most but not all)).  Another Take 10 sheet should be heading home again tonight, we usually complete them twice a week; often our SPaG MJ's are sent home when finished, which should have happened at some point this week, maybe tonight as well?  I am including last night's SAT power point, as well as a couple of SPaG which may help in coming months as much of it can seem gobbledygook at times.

As always, thank you for the boosting at home, always appreciated.

Enjoy a wonderful half term.


Home Learning from 10th February

DT went well.  The Come Dine With Me approach bringing winners, but everyone a winner as it was good fun and yummy.  Topic touched on Carbon Footprints, how we warm up the planet, and how we can try and control leaving less of a carbon footprint.  In Money Matters (PSHE) we explored different forms of Tax, how it is raised, and most importantly, how it is spent - a good general debate.

Our class read - Trash - is heading toward a gripping climax with the boys narrowly avoiding the police and on the hunt for ... ask them to summarise the plot so far?

Assessments were another positive opportunity to beat previous marks and show progress, and this the UV's did, a BIG shunt up the achievement ladder for most, and more importantly - life skills embedded.

Home learning per usual.  Please post nice and early, saves me returning to the same job, Thank you.

Have a great weekend, rest up, ready to rock n roll again for our final Spring 1 week of learning.


HOme Learning from 3rd February

A fun writing week, focussing on sentence structure, especially around joining words and 'cause and affect' - ask about their explanation re Meadowhell; Algebra begun in Maths, now now, lots of fun, logical thinking; DT planning on honing previous FAirtrade cooking; begun our Money Matters (PSHE) topic and had quite a discussion; and lots more besides.

Special home learning request, could an adult help navigate a 'CArbon Footprint Calculator' website please (just couldn't copy the web address for some reason) and chat through the outcomes? 

And the rest of home learning as per.  

Great job to those UV's who managed to hit high standards in Spelling Test this week, really hard words to learn - great job most.

As always, enjoy a splendid weekend, warmer weather, return to junior football, good for a mooch.


Home learning from 27th January

Suspense stories finished, most super scary yet believable, and graded, and new targets (hopefully new!) set and glued in books.  Grades have definitely jumped this text round, and more UV's now heading into Y5 and Y6.  Maths, finding % of amounts, seemed to go well, and sheets are usually available to take home for those who would like that extra support; as are our weekly Take 10 sheets which 'Flashback' to calculations taught - it is very helpful for an adult to check through these sheets which come home each Thursday.  

Home learning nearly as usual this week, just a couple of UV's may prefer to take one step back with spellings, as they are very tricky, and that will be fine.  Thank you as always to the adults who support their child(ren) in making sure it happens, and to a good standard.

Enjoy an FA Cup weekend.  Or horse riding, dog walking, sleeping over, etc.


Home learning from 20th January

By 'eck it's cold oop NOrth! Another frosty one, yet a good week's learning indoors.  Desserts made and scoffed; Suspense stories well underway and features starting to be used, the basics brushed up - again; fractions to decimals to percentages and all vice versa; 'special places' in RE; mapping and investigating the location of the world's busiest seaports and airports; enoying our class shared book - Trash - so far, fairly adult material and very well written.

Sending home Autumn's maths books for perusal, better than saving them until the end of the year, as adults can see where loved ones may need a boost, or even better some times, celebrate loved ones successes.  Reading booklets have been taught through now, so returning them home, if adults would like to provide a little more help then please look up the actual reading text, and perhaps chat through sections 2 or 3 again. (2019 SAT reading booklet)

Home learning this week all as usual.  

Just another brief note regards Read Theory.  If your child is working in stage 2 - then the texts and questions will be at English Y2/3 level; at stage 3 - then English school's system Y3/4 level.  Obviously, we want as many UV's as possible working on stage 5, 6, 7 so that the texts and questions are of a suitable standard.  Could adults please check their loved one's level, and perhaps support accordingly? Many thanks.

Have a lovely weekend, the warmer weather approaches.


Home Learning from 13th January

A successful week back for our UV's, blown the cobwebs away and burned off the extra spuds.  

Could all Reading Answer Booklets 2019 please be returned as I am still using them as boosters.  They will be sent home soon with the Reading Text for perusal. (our/my fault!)

We will be planning our Suspense Story in detail from Monday, already have many great ideas, but TALK home learning this weekend is to explain their story idea and maybe pick adult's brains for extra ideas, NO writing involved whatsoever please.

Many labels arriving, but not so many as in previous years, if there are any still lying around in cupboards, please continue to send, thank you.

All back to normal with home learning this week: R2C; Spellings; Weekly Maths Skills; XTRockstars; REad Theory; and any extra always welcomed.

Have a great stormzy weekend.  


Welcome Back to Spring but in Winter

First of all, thank you so much for gifts this Christmas, unexpected, and genuinely delighted.  Hope your gifts were to the same high standards and that you all enjoyed a marvellous Christmas hols.

Second of all, sorry I could not be in first few days, whole family and many friends came down with flu just after New Years and struggling to shake it, I think many in the same boat, back in Thursday.

And so to this half term:

Class share reading a brilliant book called Trash which is heavily linked to our topic World Trade which then morphs into FAir Trade which links to our DT project this half term 'Come Dine With Me' taught by Miss Cree.  Writing will begin with a superb unit on a Suspense Story, always a cracker, and one which should continue to boost our UV's towards Y6 standards, a few even beyond.

Maths all things percentages % as well as continuing some grid work (co-ordinates and translations and reflections) as well as trying to find room to teach a lesson or two on shape which appears to be our Achille's heel this year - 2D and 3D; properties thereof.

We will be revising continents and oceans and major cities in Geography, busiest seaports and airports, and to that affect looking forward to the exotic labels from staple foods being brought in which will link to air miles and carbon footprints in our environmental studies.  PE on Tuesday afternoon (hockey) and Friday morning (gymnastics) so kit ahoy.  Will somehow try to cram in RE, PSHE and Science on Thursday afternoons.  Computing Friday pm which will have to link heavily with our many subjects rather than bespoke IT this half term.

Brilliant to all UV's who did complete home learning for this week, and picked up where they left off at the end of Autumn 2: and in that regard thank you to all adults who despite their own busy schedules, have the willingness and patience to further consolidate school learning at home.  

Later this half term, keep an eye out for the SAT's meeting.

Cheers all. 

Home learning FOR for Wednesday 12th January

Wonderful attendance at the Christingle, hope the stand-in 'vicar' didn't devalue the event too much, and so lovely to see the UV's perform, especially Hope of Heaven with candles lit and family amongst - and thank you for the generous donations to the Children's Society.  Elsewhere this week: writing instructions 'How to Enjoy a Wonderful Family Christmas' - going well; quick burst of co-ordinates and quadrants; Christmas Cards made; Christingles made and songs learned; PSHE 'Being Me' topic begun; and fantastic non-chronological reports finished  and on display in the Y5/6 corridor, they look, and more importantly read, brilliant.

No home learning for next week but there will be a spelling test on Friday 14th January; and all other usual home learnings monitored Wednesday 12th - plenty of time.  I do not expect any UV to even think about school learning until January 8th.

Reading assessments will be sent home Monday, please leave to one side until January, then flick through and see how answers might be improved, and more marks gained. Please return the reading booklet itself for 1 dojo.

Extra home learning for our topic on World Trade.  please collect a few labels and / or packets, especially for staples such as rice, tea, coffee, etc, produced in other countries around the world which will form part of our first lessons and initial display.  (Any other 'exotic' labels or packets also happily received (especially from countries rarely heard of) - a dojo for 3 reet good ones.

So all take care and follow your child's instructions, and therefore be guaranteed a 'wonderful family Christmas'.


Home learning from 9th December

And 'haway' the craft! Bug hotels and Celtic brooches left a lovely space behind for our topic books and Christmas decorations, hope adults appreciated their Ultra Violets efforts.  Fractions topic fizzled to a halt afore Geometry for a couple of weeks; some non-chronological reporting, but not really enough, so will have to put in a shift next week to complete; as we have gone through and boosted SPaG and Paper 1 assessments, it became obvious that parents had more than done their bit, so thank you - Paper 2 Maths will be heading home Monday; our Living Things topic almost complete, animal adaptation this week; and our RE topic completed today with a focus on Ahimsa and teachings of Gandhi.  Christingle concert will become quite a focus for us next week.

Fantastic effort with Home Learning this week, all but 2 UV's completed everything; all UV's hit the mark for spellings - 31 out of 31 either all correct or just one mistake - BRILLIANT.

Another normal home learning week ahead, perhaps extra could be more research on their chosen animal, particularly Conservation; and Reproduction.  Did not have time to complete Weekly Skills 13 in class today, so may be interesting to see what they can produce independently, before offering support.

COME ON ENGLAND!! And our World Cup game hotting up, CR and ST heading the pack, but plenty still with teams left in.


Home learning from 2nd December

If one enjoys Arts and Crafts, then this has been a fun, rewarding week.  Bug Hotels looking something like; Christmas Crafternoon (thank you so much Mrs J for organising) most festive.  IN other news: descriptive writing, and discursive texts marked and graded - some wonderful word-smithery; fractions unit of learning nearly at an end, may need a bit of boosting for some; beginning our Christingle singing practise; rolling around and at other times dancing in PE; and our animal topic now focussed on Interdependence and Adaptation - the really fun bit.

Home learning this week slightly amended:

P&G and Paper 1 Maths sent home to look through, perhaps a bit of working through, and certainly to keep ahead of our next assessments in February as a light-touch revision.  I am uploading a SPaG power point to the website for information, as many questions, and language used, are gobbledygook to most of us.

Also, running out of time to thoroughly research an animal ahead of our non-chron reports beginning next week so any additional research at home which could be brought in to help would be welcome, especially regards Habitat, Adaptation, Reproduction, Food Chain, and extra juicy facts.

Then as usual, R2C, weekly skills 12, Spellings, Read Theory x4, XTR.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the Big Match on Sunday, or not.


Home learning from 25th November

A very successful week for our Ultra Violets, who have worked really hard and conscientiously throughout all lessons and assessments and fully deserve their ice cream sundae this weekend.  Insect hotels coming along; dance and gymnastics most enjoyable - to watch; joined in intelligently with fireman Chris' safety presentation; produced super identification keys of birds, and particularly apes;  enjoyed unofficial debates around the merits of a world cup in Qatar; and hit the magic 25 needed for an extra 'spellings' play.  The assessments went very well, most stepping up the grades, and they will now be used to gap analyse and afternoon boost in 1:1 and small groups.  All assessments will trickle home over the next few weeks for loved ones to view and further support.

Next week, we will re-concentrate on descriptive writing and produce some Y5/6/7 texts for grading.

And so on to home learning.  Just a reminder, I check that home learning has been completed on a Wednesday morning.

R2C;  Read Theory; XTRockstars; 

Spellings - please have a good go at the antonyms and synonyms before deciding on precise contextual sentences.

Weekly Skills 11 - due to assessments, we did not have a go at this in school time, so a rare opportunity for parents to support a first attempt without teacher feedback.

As always, thank you parents for supporting your child(ren) with home learning, it has been proven to be critically important in their educational development.

And also as always, have a lovely weekend.


Home learning from 18th November

Fractions going well, most confident with adding and subtracting, many now capable at multiplying and dividing; begun our descriptive writing unit, great opportunity to show off improvements made so far this year; bug hotels on the go, need all resources in for this Wednesday; and an unprecedented amount of gel this morning ahead of photos, oil based, must have cost a small fortune when added together.  

Next week, we will be completing our usual assessments taken at this time of year, as will all other year groups, nothing special, but needing a 'brilliant best' attitude.

Home learning as per usual.

On that note, just to repeat, it is important that parents involve themselves in home learning, especially as quality control, otherwise, children are just producing what they can, rather than enhance the tasks with extra adult support.  

Thank you all, have a lovely weekend.


Home Learning from 4th November

Back into the grind, chewing over the gristle, and producing lots of good learning this week: discussions on 'should bullies be punished severely' and 'should phones be banned in Secondary Schools'; reading our new class shared read - Holes by Louis Sachar - a modern classic; begun all things fractions in Maths; and enjoyed our rewards afternoon this Friday.

And so on to this week's home learning, which is the same as it is almost every week:



Weekly Skills

Read Theory on two separate occasions, minimum of four altogether

XTRockstars - especially for those in the 'Times Table Club'

Plus any extra learning you would like me to take a look at.

Have a great bonfire weekend, stay safe, look after dogs and mogs and exotics, eat traditional.


Welcome back to Autumn 2

HI all, trust the week's RnR was most agreeable, and all raring to get back into the laboratory.  I am, as always prefer work to play.

New topic all things animal kingdom and evolution; writing will be discursive, recount and narrative description; maths mostly fractions; DT building animal houses; and PE (now on Monday and Friday mornings) dance and gymnastics; plus lots of sticking fillers and Christmas build up.

Usual routine tomorrow, no surprises - pleasant nor unpleasant - so looking forward to seeing and hearing and smelling all our Ultra Violets again tomoz.


Home learning from 21st October

A lovely final week of our first half term together, all settled in to a productive class room routine, and most striving to be excellent students, very impressed with their attitude to learning.  Biographies finished, up-levelled and typed in best (an extract also uploaded on Seesaw).  Our typing unit has been successful, and most know exactly where to place hands and use all 10 digits - a couple of smarty-pants also using toes.  Saxon clay brooches well on the way and soon to be finished with beads and adorned with great beauty.  Long division in maths has been shared but is always a tough 'get' and so any extra help at home during hols appreciated by the UV's, but we will keep on trucking with those in booster time during Autumn 2.  Just about finished our first topic book - Anglo-Saxon Boy - which built up to the battle of Hastings in 1066 and the end of the A-S blood-line, a decent read.  And how lovely to finish with a sing song harvest celebration at church, I thought the UV's were superb and gave it a blast - but enjoyed In My Trolley and Big, Red Combine Harvester a bit too much.

Yes, we do have home learning, just a teensy bit different from usual, but to be ready for Wednesday 3rd November, so plenty of time, and a big holiday break, nothing on Seesaw until a week on Saturday please.

R2C- thank you for those who clearly share the book each week, and offer a little discussion and thought talk.

Spellings - f or ph (absolutely brilliant this week in Friday test, smashed it, easily earned that yearned for extra play)

Maths - half termly test - a little longer but the same level of challenge. (I will pop the answer sheet on next Friday)

Read Theory - still just the 4 (or more) but please now concentrate on the level of attainment, we need everyone on at least 3/4 or above very soon.

XTRockstars - give it a blast, and especially for those in the 'Times Table Club' - keep working hard on learning every single one.

And this week, so many UV's uploaded that bit extra, really enjoy seeing children take responsibility for own learning and going the extra mile, above and beyond the set routine.  Great job you guys.

Have a lovely, lovely holiday, and see you all back and refreshed in November. 


Home learning from 14th October

Our Alfred the Great biography almost finished, a tough write, but a good opportunity to practise reported speech and put into practise one's new targets. Overall, a job well done.  Multiplication by 2 and 3 digits also taught, and most Ultra Violets up to speed, but a few may need a little extra practise at home.  NOw looking at the legacy of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to finish the topic, and hopefully, Saxon brooches will be finished next Wednesday.

Well done everyone who completed all home learning this week, and 23 hit the right note with spelling on Friday, so close to that elusive extra play, but definitely proven it is within reach.

Read Theory - the 'stage' or 'level' is an Americanism, therefore if working in '4' your child is actually producing learning in English year 3. (we currently have many children learning in stage 1 or 2)

Read2Camera - enjoying the reading, and most children reading a book at a good level for them. (Sometimes it's fun to read a fun book below one's level - we all do it!)

Spellings - a mix of ants/syns suitable this week - enjoying many of the sentences and word choices, an opportunity to be creative.

Weekly skills 6 - thank you for the uploaded, completed and marked sheets; and for the extra practise with adult clearly signposted - appreciated.

XTRockstars - especially everyday for those UV's who do not know all of their XTables yet, and there are many.

Have a lovely weekend all, hope your team plays well, or the relaxing actually happens.


Home Learning from 7th October

Lots of positives this week: adventure stories marked and graded - targets to be shared next week; researched Alfred the Great; began our multiplication calculations; enjoyed small sided games in basketball; researched Viking technology and exploration - plus lots more.

Home learning this week will be standard fayre:


Spelling sheets - a good mix of ants / syns and contextual sentences this week (only 7 children achieved full marks in test this week -- very disappointing)

Maths weekly skills 5 - uploads mostly included completed sheet and some extra practise with support - thank you

REad theory - please try and ensure an age appropriate level - if still on stage 1 or 2 then well below age appropriate; maybe need to spend more time re-reading text to answer questions 

XTRockstars - especially for those who still do not know ALL to 12x12

If time, perhaps find out even more about the Great Alfred - will all come in handy for our biography next week

TAke care all, have a lovely weekend.


Home Learning from 30th September

Our adventure stories are almost to a conclusion, some exciting, yet low key events which could happen to anyone, anyone's pet.  UV's are beginning to receive targets in books and are working hard on raising their standards - most impressive by most.  And a day of waving at friends and ex-Ridgeway students at Eckington, a lovely (further low key) introduction to a Secondary environment, wherever headed in September.  

And so to home learning; this week, an even better response than previous two weeks, lots more done and at a good quality - which I can mostly read with my sad, old eyes - guppy-like.

Maths weekly skills 4 - please complete all 25 questions, mark, score, then a few practise questions for corrections.

Spellings - double consonants - good for antonym / synonyms - but if too tricky, a contextual sentence for some. (21 on the score sheet for Team UV's this week. 25 next week for an extra play?)

Read2Camera - enjoying these, shows good confidence, and any text really, although I am enjoying hearing some of the same stories each week.

Read Theory x 4 - at two separate times please.  If you think of levels as about the same as year group appropriate, roughly.

XTRockstars - very impressed with the attitude towards this activity.  Keep it up.  My personal Times Table tests can come at any time!

Have a great weekend, beware the wind, gulp fresh air, and deserve to put thar feet up.


Home Learning from 23rd September

Lots of positives to draw from this week, lots of notable achievements for them to write in Achievement books. 

We have completed a baseline assessment this week from which we will target all individuals, often in groups, for interventions: to plug gaps, pre-teach and secure Y3-6 standards.  All good this end.  And finished our illuminated letters; basketballed; typed; and begun our short adventure stories.  

Home learning for next week will include the usual:

Read2Camera - really enjoying the uploads, good confidence shown.

Read Theory - nearly all the class completed their minimum of 4 (at 2 separate times) this week - good job.

Weekly skills - when uploading, please make sure it is marked, and maybe show extra support received on a couple of questions. (all either Saxons or Vikings now which is really positive)

Spellings - plurals again - and I have now set fair (I think) targets for each individual, either 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20 - they know. (13 UV's all correct or just one wrong this week - need 25 for extra play)

XTRockstars - and keep on trucking with Times Table Rockstars - only 13 Ultra Violets have 'passed' all up to 12x12.

Have a great weekend all.  


Home Learning from 16th September

Another week done and dusted, another few fun days in the community centre, which was another pleasant change and taken in stride.  Getting a bit parky!

Thank you to all the Ultra Violets (and parents of course) for the home learning, despite a few glitches - 21 children gave it a good shot - and 7 children were excellent in their approach.

Hopefully, this week, every child will settle into a productive home learning routine, with support from loved ones, so here goes:

Read2Camera, quick intro - 1 minute read - quick thought talk exit

Spellings - plurals this week so mostly short sentences in context

Maths - weekly skills (on PDF so hopefully less wonky) and TimesTableRockstars as many a bit rusty after Summer break

REad Theory - at least two sessions, and at least 4 completed and saved

And last of all, maybe a chat through their planned short adventure story, and throw in an extra idea or give the ending a satisfying twist.


Enjoy the weekend.



Home Learning from 9th September

And so to our first home learning soiree in Y6, I'm fairly confident not too different from Y5's expectations.  Home learning will be uploaded to this webpage each Friday, occasionally some extras will be included, but more often the following will be the weekly staples.  Please upload on to Seesaw by Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning by the latest, as I shall be marking home learning during my PPA time Wednesday.  If not uploaded by then, still complete anything outstanding, as it shows a positive attitude to learning, and growth mindset.

Maths - we complete the weekly skills sheet in class, mark and feed back.  Children whizz through sheet at home then mark with adult and maybe talk through and extra examples for just one or two questions which would be a big help for the following week.  Not all questions have been taught yet, so some new material at times, so try to avoid these corrections until they have been taught.

Spellings - please spend time learning them for the test Friday, but also learn what each word means in order to improve vocabulary choice; depending on confidence with spellings either 10, 15 or 20.

Read2Camera - no more than 2 minutes, preferably less, with a short introduction to the book each time, and a brief thought talk at the end.

Read Theory - 2 lots of 2 would be perfect, by Tuesday evening.  Hopefully at the correct level over time, not crazy high, nor crazy low, somewhere from level 3 to 6/7 to start with.

Times Table Rockstars always a good extra, will firm this up once we have conducted our times table 'tests'.

Seems a lot to write but should already be in a good routine from previous years and with a friendly adult supporting, soon done and success with home learning promotes translates to greater confidence and accelerated progress in school.  An upward spiral.

Take care all, have a great weekend.  Back to class Monday.


Welcome Back ...

 ... for a gentle start to Y6, all soft and smell fresh, puppy nosed and salady goodness.  So sleep well Munchkins, and look forward to thar first day of loveliness and learning.

Our preliminary timetable for afternoon's should be M = topic; T = PE (bring kit) W = Art; Th = PSHE / non-kit PE; F = IT / Science.

Home learning will be set each Friday right here on the school website, and will be marked on Wednesday by 6 PM.

WE have a lot of learning to do, but also a lot of fun to be had, so bring your positive, cheerful attitude to working hard and playing hard, and being your brilliant best socially. 

Parents, please give myself and the children a few weeks to settle into our routine and relationships, but I am usually available before and after school by the Y5/6 door for a quick, quiet word, and if needs be to arrange a slightly longer conversation. 

All good.  Raring to go.  Can't wait for Monday. 

Autumn 1

And in this half term's topic we will be noting the reason for the retreat of the Romans, the dark age left behind them, and the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes and Friesians who filled their boots.  Then the Vikings! And then the Normans put a stop to all this invading, so we'll stop there in 1066 as well.

Writing will be a little poetry; a short adventure story; a biography - probably Alfred the Great.

Our class shared reading book will be Anglo-Saxon Boy.

Maths will rattle through our 4 operations and then push on through decimals and some Geometry.

RE is Islam; Science some stand alone investigations; music - pop / Abba; Art illuminated manuscripts and Saxon brooches;