We are The Leopards! (Year 4)


Please see below our talking Leopard! We worked in small groups to script, record and edit our leopards using the iPads. We can't wait to continue all of the Computing skills across all of our learning!

Class Information


  • We are The Leopards!
  • Mrs Potts and Miss Trotter are our team leaders, but we could not do our job without the amazing children in our class.
  • Mrs Potts teaches us Monday and Tuesday one week and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the next and Miss Trotter works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday one week and Thursday, Friday the next. 
  • We are very lucky to have Mrs Taylor join us most weeks in school from September 2019 and she is an incredibly important and treasured member of our team.
  • SWIMMING will take place later in the year, more information will follow.
  • P.E will take place twice per week, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. 
  • Water bottles will be sent home at the end of each day to be washed out.


If you have any questions, please always feel free to ask! We feel so incredibly lucky to have your children in our class  and we really are looking forward to getting to know them well this year!


Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter x


  • Book bags are to be sent in to school every Wednesday please. 
  • Homework will be set each Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday please. There will be varied tasks and more information will follow.
  • Spellings will also be set every Friday to be tested the following Friday. 
  • If your child wishes to complete extra work at home, please feel to use the homework book for this. 

Please find below some useful links for extra learning at home!


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Please do ask if you have any questions,


Many thanks,


Mrs Potts and Miss Trotter X

Mental Maths Practice Year 4

Times Tables Practice Year 4

SPaG Practice Year 4

Lively, learning, loveable leopards,

leaping for success and always trying

our best...



Music is good for the soul...


I thought I'd try something new this half term! Music is good for the soul :-) and so I thought i'd choose a different artist per week to share with the children - the music they come in to in the mornings will be a playlist of that artists' songs and the morning PowerPoint will also share facts about that artist.

Here is the artists/ musicians we are/ have been listening to! I'd love to hear of any  any suggestions of your favourite bands/ musicians too.

W/C Monday 16th September - DAVID BOWIE

W/C Monday 23rd September - THE KILLERS

W/C Monday 30th September  - MADONNA

W/C Monday 7th October   - U2

W/C Monday 14th October - BEETHOVEN

W/C Monday 21st October - BRAHMS


Autumn 2

Come fly with me...

Dear families and our wonderful Leopards, we hope you've had the most lovely break and, if you celebrate Halloween, you had a spook-tastic time!

Can you believe we are heading in to our second half term already? Time really does 'fly' ;-) and wowzers do we have a fun-filled, action-packed half term ahead on the lead up to Christmas!

We will begin by taking a walk around Ridgeway and looking at the human and physical features in our local area using a range of methods including sketch maps and plans. Whilst we are out we will also use our observational skills to sketch the skyline of Ridgeway which we will then use in our Art learning when we learn to mix and blend water-colours and shade with pencils to create a 'Bonfire Night in Ridgeway' picture.

Our topic, 'Come Fly with Me' really does allow us to build on our knowledge and understanding beyond our local area as we look at key physical and human characteristics of European countries, their major cities and their cultures. We will then compare our knowledge of Ridgeway with the wider world. We will also be looking at travel, where people like to go and why and why, most recently, Thomas Cook went in to liquidation, may be we, The Leopards, could save the day?!

This topic then lends itself hugely to our PSHE learning as we discuss topical issues such as Europe and the changes that may be ahead and learn how to see and respect others' points of view, making decisions and explaining choices.

The Leopards have learned so much so far this year already in the Computing that is threaded through our learning and this will continue as we use even more iPad apps, the green-screen and record our learning and thoughts to show our understanding through intonation, tone and volume when speaking.

We are really looking forward to reading, 'My family and other animals' by Gerald Durrell with the children as our class text, which is an autobiographical account of the time the author left dreary England with his family as a child and moved across Europe to the Greek island of Corfu to live there for a few years. In our daily, whole class reading, we will be looking at poetry, newspaper articles, fiction and non-fiction texts and even pictures with just a few words, all of which are linked to our topic learning and will help to develop our skills to become even more 'active' readers. We will also be using a book called, 'The Mediterranean' to support our topic, English, PSHE and Art learning. We will use charcoal to create different types and styles of shading, learning how to use it to make objects look 3D and to express emotion.

We will continue to play music each week as to ensure the children are listening to and understand a wide range of music drawn from different traditions, composers and musicians and this half term, music will be chosen from a different European country per week (please look above to find out what!) We will then accompany traditional music to perform in solo and ensemble contexts.

There is still more to come as we also learn about Remembrance Sunday, and, of course, get ready for Christmas!

Thank you so much for all of your continued support. We are loving every moment of spending time with and teaching your children, they are rays of sunshine!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter X

September 2019


To all of our wonderful children that we are lucky enough to teach this year and your families,

Welcome back to a new academic school year! We hope you had the most wonderful summer playing outside and making special memories, haven't we been lucky with the sunshine? 

We hope that you sleep well tonight and that you're rested and ready to go for an action-packed, fun-filled year ahead, it promises to be a busy one, just the way we like it! And if you're feeling a little anxious about coming back to school having spent all summer at home, then please know we will look after you and you will feel safe and looked after by us and with all of your friends at Ridgeway. 

We will regularly update this page with what we have been up to and additional information we have to share. Please always feel free to ask any questions you may have, we really do look forward to getting to know you all well and feel incredibly lucky to be working with your amazing children on a daily basis; we have the best job in the world!

Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter X

Water Bottles

Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school at all times so we can keep everyone hydrated.

Many thanks, Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter X

Autumn 1

The Roman Empire Strikes Back!

Our learning journey this year begins by considering what it was like to be a Roman... Who were they and where did they come from? They invaded Britain but why? And did they speak the same language as we do now? The Romans lived in Britain for around 400 years, so when they left did they leave anything useful for us, did we learn anything from them? We may want to know what they ate ( I heard they enjoyed eating dormice and flamingos, can you imagine?!) and what did they wear?

I think it may be time to dig out our body armour, spears, daggers and swords as we delve deep in to this fascinating time in history, are you ready for action, Leopards?! We are and we are very excited...

What have we been up to?

Hadrian's Wall research...

Here we are using atlases to gather contextual knowledge of the UK, then England and Scotland and finally Hadrian's wall. Our further research taught us how it was built and why it often followed cliff edges (!!). We also learned about the trenches built either side and why the wall was built in the first place. The children were surprised about its size and how long it took to build, also the reasons why it was built by The Romans. If you get a minute, as your child if they can recall any facts about it!

Roman - mosaic inspired Art!


We looked very closely at Roman Mosaic Art and considered how we could replicate that style and deciding upon stamping. Then, we designed our own Roman-inspired design based on our research and the final outcomes were amazing, I am sure you'll agree! :-)

The Sound of (Roman) Music!

I could not be MORE proud of the children and their learning in our Music lessons. This term we have been working on playing and performing in both solo and ensemble contexts and using a variety of musical instruments with accuracy and expression.

We learned the tune and lyrics to a song about The Romans then using a variety of instruments from hand bells to drums to the piano, put together this accompaniment. The children chose their instruments and firstly worked alone then in large groups to create this masterpiece! Teamwork, excellent learning and lots of enthusiasm, just as we like it! 

And this also blew my socks off! This is a picture of the wooden horse that features in the story, 'Escape from Troy'. We have been learning to re-tell the story as part of our English learning and to really bring it to life, the children created this accompaniment. 

It begins by setting the scene (during the evening) and the twinkly instruments represent the night stars. Then, the dramatic piano notes signify a change in mood as the soldiers hidden in the wooden horse begin to open a door to escape and eventually take over the city, burning it to the ground! If you listen really carefully, you may even hear a few footsteps that pick up momentum and volume as hundreds of soldiers run towards Troy and destroy it.

Once again, we used a variety of instruments and the children even used the knowledge and skills they have from music lessons outside of school to create this collaborative and inspiring piece of learning. Well done Leopards, I could not be more proud of you!

More amazing outdoor PE...!


We continue to build on our skills week by week and here we are putting all of the skills we've learned in to a team game, it was great fun and it is excellent to see all the progress that the children have made! :-) 

Magic Maths...


Once again, I have been blown away by the whole class's learning in maths. This week we started with the balancing of equations and so much progress was made by the children that by the end they could explain and record their thinking and problem solving as though they were teachers themselves!

Thank you Leopards for being such amazing superstars with such a passion for learning, you are all amazing! Here are a few snippets of our learning... :-)

Reading revolution!


Woweee! Have a listen to just some of the learning conversations the children are having during one of our daily reading sessions. Over the last few weeks we really have become much more active readers - meaning we are able to read and unpick a text way beyond the words. Such discussions are called 'Thought - Talking', where we read it through and explain our ideas as we do. I will also attach a copy of the text we were reading, it is a diary entry written by a Roman Soldier. This learning helped to scaffold our next piece of writing, in which we became the Roman Soldier and sent a letter home ourselves! Go Leopards, I am so proud of you!

Time to bring our poetry to life...!


After learning all about Ancient Rome and using our senses to describe what we could see/ hear/ smell/ touch and taste if we were transported back there, we worked together beautifully in small teams to edit, improve and choose our favourite lines from our own poems. Then, we rehearsed speaking our poems loudly and with expression, listening to each other and giving feedback, before recording our collective poems on an app called Spark - we really managed to bring our poetry to life! We are so proud of you, leopards!

Fitness First!

We had a great time really putting our fitness to the test outside, Mrs Potts was really impressed with all that we achieved and we will repeat what we did to see our fitness progress over the year :-) 

We had a great time at the allotment...

Take a look at all of the vegetables we planted a while ago and that we managed to harvest! What a super achievement!

Mentimeter - Madness!

We've been busy using the iPads lots in our learning to ensure we are using Computing across the curriculum as much as possible and last week we used 'Mentimeter' to create a shared Word Cloud. First, we learned lots of facts about Ancient Rome (which feeds in to our English learning) and then used the iPads and Mentimeter in groups to share our ideas. We had great fun adding our ideas on our iPads and watching them magically appear on the class interactive whiteboard. By the end of the session we'd learned all about Rome, gathered ideas for our poem, learned how to use a new website and created a team Word Cloud. Well done Leopards, you are amazing! 

Roman roads were long and straight you would not need much steering, they really were a triumph of ancient engineering...

We are working hard to make sure that we are becoming 'active' readers, which means developing the skills to fully engage with and understand every text we read as we read the words on the page. The Leopards are doing so well to understand and use these skills every day. We began with an extract from a non-fiction book about The Romans, then a poem entitled, 'What the Romans did for us' and this week we're working on an extract from a book about Roman myths and legends. The Leopards are working really hard to think both independently and collaboratively to discuss their ideas about the texts and really solidify their understanding. If you get a minute, you may wish to ask your child what 'annotate' means or 'thought - talking'. See what they say! :-) Keep up the excellent reading, Leopards, I am really proud of you!   


Kahoot is an amazing website that allows us (the teachers) to make quizzes online that embed and stretch the learning of the children. Recently, as part of our reading lesson, the Leopards took part in a multiple choice quiz all about the text we had read. It's competitive (which the children love!), as you can see how many points each team get after each question, and the children access it via their iPads and the questions are on the interactive whiteboard!. It is such a fun way to solidify our learning; here are some pictures of us having lots of fun whilst learning, using the iPads, using our reading skills and listening/ talking to our classmates all at the same time! Go Leopards!

Outdoor P.E!

Sunny weather, fresh air, team work, working on our football skills, working together as a team, listening to each other, smiling together, what else could we wish for? The Leopards have been working so hard during P.E. to improve their ball skills and I am so proud of them! 

"Siri, find me a synonym please..."

Who knew that you could use Siri on your iPad to find exciting synonyms for words? We had great fun using Siri to up-level our writing :-) May be you could try this at home too! 

Chuck Close inspired Art...

The Leopards looked at the artwork of the famous American artist Chuck Close and then worked really hard as a team to create a masterpiece of a Roman Soldier inspired by him! Take a look at us choosing our colours wisely to show the light and dark shades, shading in small squares whilst considering the end piece of Art and then at our final, big Art piece which is currently outside of our classroom. I am so proud of what the Leopards achieved! 

Extra, fun learning!



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