Year 3 - The Elephants


We stomp our feet to the beat because learning is a treat. Elephants. Elephants. WOOOOO.

We'll Meet Again...

Hi all, I hope you have all had a lovely break and are feeling relaxed and refreshed ready for the new year ahead! I certainly am and I can't want for our new topic, "We'll Meet Again" which is all based on World War 2. 

We will be looking at Britain from pre war to post war. What caused the war? Where did it begin and why? What were peoples views at the time? This will give the children the chance to voice their opinions and view points. 

We will be learning about the roll of women in the war, as well as how Sheffield was hit and why it played an important part in Britain's battle. We will also be looking into evacuations and how rations were used to monitor food and clothing. Of corse, we cannot cover WWII without looking into the different planes that were flown and what they were used for! 

In D&T we will be looking at designing, making and evaluating an air-raid shelter, linking our learning to the 'Blitz'. 



In science we will be learning all about electricity including the components of a basic circuit and how to build one, we will link this to how electricity was used during the War. 

In reading this week we have begun to learn the story of Anne Frank. This has been linked to PSHE with the children discussing their opinions and how they perceived the feelings that people would have felt during the war. They have blown me a way with how they have discussed such mature topics.   

And as always, Computing is used through out to embed and bring our learning to life. The children are really growing in confidence at using and applying all of the different apps we have!



Miss C x 

Come fly with me...

Team Elephants,

Can you believe we are in term 2 already! We have had an action packed couple of weeks with lots going on,  celebrating bonfire night and Remembrance day. The children worked really hard creating Haiku poems to describe a remembrance day video. They then recorded their poems over the images to create their very own class poem. Well done Elephants the respect you showed made us so proud! 

Our topic this half term is a fantastic one, 'Come fly with me...'. It allows us to really work on our geography knowledge both within the local area and wider world. We will be looking at both human and physical features of Ridgeway when we take a winter walk around the village, as well as expanding our geographical knowledge to the wider world, focusing on Europe. We will be learning all about different European countries, there capital cities and the cultures and industries within those countries. 

This topic links in well to the current news and situations as we will be discussing the liquidation of Thomas cook airline and getting our debating heads on when discussing the dreaded 'B' word and the changes that may be affecting Britain regarding the European Union. 

In reading we will be continuing to develop our project comprehension skills, looking at a variety of texts from story extracts to newspapers. The Elephants are showing fantastic improvements in their reading skills during these lessons and making us extremely proud! 

In art we will be looking at different artists from the Mediterranean countries, including Picasso, Monet and Mattise. The children have already completed some beautiful art work putting a range of styles from these artists together into a Mediterranean picture. They are currently working on creating a Picasso face studying his use of 'cubism'. 

Keep an eye out for the pictures of the children's fantastic learning that will be following shortly! 

Elephants, you have settled into Year 3 excellently, you are growing in confidence and independence each day. Keep up the super work! 


Miss Crowley x  





Autumn stroll...

This week team Elephants took a walk around Ridgeway. We created a sketch map of out journey looking at the land uses in the local area. We will be using all our knowledge we learnt later this term in Topic when we will be comparing our local area to other cities around Europe. 

The Roman Empire Strikes Back! 


The year 3 journey begins with learning what life as a Roman was like... We will be learning all about their battles and Armour, invasions (especially in England), the things we use today that were left for us by the Romans. As well as this we will be covering the Roman diet, flamingo tongues, door mice and jelly fish, YUCK! 

Team Elephants, get ready to become a Rotten Roman!  

Bench ball 

On Tuesday, Team Elephants went to Graves Leisure center to take part in a Qualitas Bench ball afternoon of sport. They were split into three teams and each team competed in a league against other schools. The Elephants showed fantastic team work, courage and sportsmanship. I think we were all tired out by the end of the afternoon! 

WOW, can you believe its summer 2 already! The last term of the year. You have made me so proud this year you Epic Elephants, especially over these past few challenging months. You have worked so incredible hard and should all be extremely proud of yourselves :). 


Our final topic of the year is an exciting one, Eruption! We will be learning all about the earth, how it is made up of different layers, as well as natural disasters which occur on earth. 


We will continue with reading and Bookflix skills, many linked to our class book of this half term ' The street beneath my feet'. 


Keep safe and keep smiling my wonderful Elephants! :) 


Miss C x 

Well, we’re in the Summer term already! I cannot believe how quickly this school year has gone. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve certainly had fun!

 Although in this strange time you are not in school for learning, a new term means a new topic! We have a fantastic topic coming up where we can get outside an enjoy this beautiful Spring weather we have been having whilst completing our ‘Blooming Marvellous’ work.

During this topic we will be learning all things plants, including:

  • Their different parts and functions and how they transport water.
  • The important part they play in life and growth.
  • The life cycle of a flowering plant.

We will also be looking at our local area using maps to identify places and features as well as comparing to other areas. We will be looking at how plants have changed over history and how they have changed in the local areas that surround us.

In Art we will be getting creative and seeing what amazing art work we can create out of natural resources we can find! Lots of your remote learning will allow you to get out in the garden or on a walk to enjoy the nature and learn lots about the ‘Blooming Marvellous’ plants!

Entrepreneur Extravaganza!


Spring 2 already! We've had a fantastic fun filled year so far and lots more planned this half term when we are becoming entrepreneur extravaganzas! 

We will be using a design criteria to turn a plot of land into a successful business. Of course their is lots to consider, plan and discuss to support our designs. We will be investigating similar business and be looking at other buildings to improve our own learning and ideas. We are even looking into budgeting and finances as we  as applying our computer skills to design a website/ advert to promote out business.   


There is so much to do, it is set to be a jam packed half term! 


Along side this we will be completing our daily Bookflix, looking at a variety of texts linked to our topic, as well as reading 'Rosie Revere, Engineer'. 


Our topic lends itself hugely to 'using and applying' skills in maths where we will continue to develop and embed out knowledge. 


Another exciting event this half term is out 'STAR' week. We cannot wait to share with you all the exciting reading, science experiments and design and technology we get up to! Keep your eyes peeled! 



STAR week...

What a fantastic week we have had celebrating STAR week. The children had a fantastic time learning all about science, technology and reading. 


In science we learnt all about how to conduct a fair test, looking at scientific vocabulary such as 'variable' and applying this to our learning. We teamed up with year 4 to conduct a fair test to see how the amount of glue used effected whether or not slime was made. All children were given different amounts of glue, but the same amount of activator. We found that the more glue used, the more activator needed to create slime. 


In technology we had a very busy week. First we researched and designed our own times tables board game. The children will be creating and making them this week. The creativity and ideas are amazing and I cannot wait to see the finished product, what a fantastic, fun way to practise our tables. On Wednesday, we teamed up with the Leopards to complete a STEM project. We were given a mission from the egg king to safely get his egg soldiers from the roof down to the ground to escape the waffle warriors. In mixed groups the children had to create a device to safely transport their egg, looking and materials and resources needed. On Friday we made our creations before setting our soldiers off on their mission (with the help of Mr Wilson and a ladder). We had many successes but unfortunately some soldiers didn't make it! 


In reading the children all went 'book dating'. After completing a book review of their favourite books at home, the children had three minutes per person to sell their favourite book to their friends. It was fantastic to see the children talking about their book with such enthusiasm and a clear love for reading! We also had some fantastic story times with our lovely parents, thank you for giving your time to come and read to us, we loved it! 


All in all, STAR week has been a fantastic success in year 3 and both myself and the Elephants have had an amazing time!

In all the excitement, homework this week was not marked but this will be caught up on with this weeks homework. 


Thank you for your ongoing support. 


Miss C x

Eden camp...

What a fantastic day we had! The Elephants made me so proud from the start of the day (a very early start) till the last one was ticked off and picked up! The children were absolutely fantastic, even with a very long and warm coach journey there and back. They were respectful and enthusiastic during every part of the day.


I am sure you have already heard all about the day, but here are some photos. The children visited lots of different huts, each with a different focus on life during the WWII, these included: the Blitz, food and clothing, Anderson shelters, air craft and so many more. It was lovely to see the children's learning come to life and their enthusiasm for learning about history and the war. 


I could continue to tell you how fantastic the day was and how amazing the children were, but you can see it for yourselves in these pictures! 




Miss C x

Trip to Eden Camp



  • It is another early start, please be in school for 0800 as we hope to be on the coach and away for 0815. We aim to arrive by about 1015 ish and we'll contact school when we arrive and ask for a text to be sent so you know where we are!
  • It is an OUTDOOR museum with huts that the children will be walking through for different experiences. Therefore please ensure your child is wearing layers to keep them warm including: a waterproof, hat, gloves (may be even a scarf). It is better to be warm in too many layers and have to take one off than try to get warm once cold!
  • Please ensure footwear is appropriate: it may be muddy/wet given the rain and the huts are concrete based so feet may get cold quickly. Thick socks/ walking boots are ideal or something similar. (We will be eating inside in a heated 'Mess' hut and watching a show in another heated place so that will break the day up but I'd hate for anyone to be really cold!)
  • Children in school uniform please.
  • Please could every child have a packed lunch and water bottles/ drinks with enough water to last them the day. 
  • Ideally, a rucksack per child would be great to keep their lunch and clothing bits and bobs in.
  • Children do not need to bring any additional money on the trip.
  • As per all trips, we will have inhalers etc on us but please tell us in advance of any travel sickness/ precautions you may take for longer journeys. We will contact school when we leave and give an ETA so you're aware of when we will be back.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we are really looking forward to taking the children on this trip and giving them this additional learning experience.

Class information

I will be in class all week apart from Thursday afternoons when Mrs Gelipter will be covering my planning and assessment time. 

Book bags and homework to come into school on a Thursday please and to be sent home on a Friday. 

PE is on a Monday and a Friday, children will require both an indoor and an outdoor kit. Please make sure your child has a white T-shirt, a black sweatshirt, black joggers, shorts as well as a sensible pair of sporting shoes. Please ensure all your child's kit is clearly named along with their PE bag. 

Water bottles will be sent home each day to be washed and refilled ready for the following day.

Any questions please ask! 

I cannot wait for a fantastic year with Team Elephants and thank you for your support, 

Miss Crowley 



La Français...

The children had a fantastic day learning all about France and french speaking, they can now introduce themselves to others, and as others their name, they can count to 10 in french and identify colours. It was lovely to see the children starting their language journey and I can't wait to teach and learn more french with them! 

Every child had the opportunity to learn how to make crepes, measuring and mixing the ingredients in pairs. We had a fabulous afternoon of taste testing many french themed foods including: baguette, brioche, croissants, cheeses and more! The children discussed and reflected on the foods, comparing them to foods they have already tried to see what they reminded them of. It was a lovely way to understand the differences and similarities in food between our country and others. 

As always, the Elephants were an absolute pleasure! Keep it up.

Miss C x 

Science - Let there be light! 

In science this half term we are learning all about light! We started by looking at what light is, and natural and man-made light sources. It was very interesting learning about how the moon is not actually a light source, but just reflects the suns light! Following this, we joined with the Leopards for an afternoon to learn all about our eyes. We looked at the different parts of our eye and how they react differently to dark and light. We also looked at braille, and learnt how to read some letters as well as completing a colour blindness test. 


We will be linking the pictures and knowledge from this lesson into creating something exciting in Computing, watch this space....


In art this half term we have looked at Roman Mosaics, we learnt about how the Romans used mosaics as a way of recording events as well as for decoration. With Mrs Taylor we designed our own mosaic and created them using wooden sticks to print. 

With Miss Crowley we designed and created a mosaic using small mosaic tiles on wooden squares, it was really tricky and fiddly to get the tiles close together and stick them down but it was great fun! When they had dried we painted the boarder with gold paint to make them look even more special! 

In English we have been writing character descriptions for the mythical Roman creature, the Hydra...

The children worked hard to describe both the personality and appearance of this fierce creature, using similes, expanded noun phrases and using siri for lots of synonyms. We then used our writing in ICT to create some videos of our writing. We first worked in groups to put all our ideas together to create one piece of writing and then used Adobe spark to create slide to show our ideas. Everyone worked so well together showing fantastic teamwork and created some superb videos. Here's one for you to look at...


 Spelling 11.10.19.docxDownload
 Spelling Rule 27.09.19.docxDownload
 spellings 04.10.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 13.09.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 18.10.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 20.09.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 25.10.19.docxDownload
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