The Sharks

Mr T is in class all week except Monday afternoons when Mrs Wilkinson teaches the class. 

P.E. sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays - full P.E. kit is required both indoor and outdoor please. 

Homework for maths, English and spellings are given out each Friday and returned the following Friday.  Reading records are checked every Monday and if this is not possible for any reason then you can bring them in on Thursdays. 

Any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Our current topic is...

Hola Mexico!

We are off to Mexico this half term (well not literally - unfortunately!)

In Literacy we will be exploring the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico and be writing poignant and thoughtful diary entries.  We'll also be writing non-chronological reports and descriptive recounts.

In Geography we will delve into the amazing country of Mexico by firstly comparing and contrasting Mexico and the UK. We'll then find out more about both the physical and human geography of the country, including the climate.  We then immerse ourselves in the culture of Mexico, and then advise tourists on how best to experience the country.

Our Design Technology sessions will focus on Mexican cuisine and discovering all about Mexican food and drink. We'll be making, tasting and enjoying sweet and savory dishes including salsa guacamole, quesadillas, bread of the dead and spiced hot chocolate. Time permitting we’ll finish by having a Day of the Dead feast!

Dance sessions as part of our P.E time this half-term will be also be based on Aztec dancing and other influences found in Mexican culture today.  Our other P.E session will focus on hockey skills – this is an outdoor session and is obviously weather dependent. 

During Science we’ll explore properties and changes of materials and try to understand the differences between a variety of materials and how materials can be mixed and dissolved, and reversibly and irreversibly changed.

     Day of the Dead     

It's been our Day of the Dead festival today and I must say I think everyone has had a great time celebrating.  We've been face-painting and reminiscing about people or animals dear to us.  We've also shown off all our amazing Bread of the Dead and scrumptious Sugar Skulls;  they truly are fantastic!  We then moved onto making our sugar skull dolls and then had a rest during lunchtime.  Once back we set up the classroom in a restaurant stylie (complete with its own bar area) and sat down to enjoy all our wonderful Mexican food and washed it down with spiced hot chocolate -Yum! We finished with a surprise, by going outside and taking turns to try and smash up a pinata.  Phew......what a great day! 

Quesadillas anyone?

This week we've been making quesadillas as part of D&T sessions.  We all brought in our ingredients: tortillas, cheese, peppers, spring onions and coriander and then set to work grating, slicing and chopping.  Once we'd prepared and mixed together all the ingredients we folded our tortillas in half and filled them with our filling mixture.  Then it was off to the kitchen to cook our quesadillas and make them toasted and delicious.  We hope everyone enjoyed them and a massive thank you to Mrs Derbyshire for all her fantastic help.

Sensational Salsa!

We've been investigating all about Mexican food & drink during D&T sessions.  First up it's a very satisfying salsa!  We researched all about the ingredients involved in the recipe and then set to work making the delicious salsa.  We safely and carefully sliced and diced the ingredients and then mixed the tomatoes, spring onions, chilli, lime, coriander and salt together.  We even seasoned to taste until we were happy with our finished salsas.  Check out our photos below to see us all at work. 

Science investigation

Investigating insulating materials.  We were testing materials suitable for lining a lunch bag.




 We had a lively - and busy - Christmas Crafternoon.  Thanks to all the adults who were able to join us.  I know the children enjoyed it - "It's the first time I've made something I'm proud of" said one Y6 pupil - what a lovely thing to hear!


We are currently exploring internet safety.  Here is a website with games to help us understand how to be safe on the internet. 

Type into your browser.

We've already explored Reality River to help us understand how to spot fakes and fakers; have a go at Mindful Mountain - I found THAT game way too tricky!


Mrs Wilkinson  

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Remembrance Day 2018

On Monday we had our Remembrance Day Service.  We gathered around the war memorial and listened thoughtfully to readings and war poetry to remind us of those who have fought and died during conflict.  We sang a song together; then heard the Last Post and then had a two minute silence.  After that' we quietly returned to school reflecting on the service and how well it was conducted and observed.  Well done everybody. 

Highland Dancing 

As part of our topic work on 'Brilliant Britain' we have been learning dances from all over the British Isles.  This week it's Scotland and Highland Dancing.  Kay, our dance instructor has been teaching us all the steps and then we have been putting them all together.  Check out the videos below 'Bonnie lad' and be amazed.  

Check this one out too.

We are the Sharks, smart and kind!    We participate in teamwork, leaving no one behind.  We're always determined, we'll always be brave.   Working hard together, achievement we crave!


Our Class Chant

We are the Sharks, smart and kind!

We participate in teamwork, leaving no one behind.

We're always determined, we'll always be brave.

Working hard together, achievement we crave!


Y6 SATS Presentation for Parents

We've just started out on our journey through Year 6.  We are really looking forward to the year.  It promises to be full of learning, exciting events and discovery along the way.  We are going to be covering some really great topics and we're sure to have lots of fun along the way.  Some parts of the year are going to be hard work and we have all got a lot to learn but we’ll make sure we have lots of laughs as well.  

Y6 Christingle Service 

We gathered for our Y6 Christingle Service just before Christmas.  It was such a lovely occasion and really well attended - thank you all for coming and your generous donations towards the Church and The Children's Society!   We sang (solos, duets, trios, quartets and all together) traditional Christmas carols and other Christmas songs.  We read aloud and listened to bible readings, danced to 'Rockin around the Christmas tree' and explained what a christingle is and what it symbolises.  Once we had lit our christingles and bathed in the candlelight we sang 'Hope of Heaven and said payers.  It was a magical way to start Christmas.  

When we went down to the Churchyard today...

We've been down to the churchyard to help inspire us with our horror-story writing.  We explored the churchyard and inside the church; soaking up the atmosphere and using our imaginations to try and visualize how it might look and feel in our stories.  Using all our senses we were able to gain an insight into what our story characters might see, hear, smell and feel both physically and emotionally in such a setting.  We used all the information we gained to add to our horror-story plans and now can't wait to get writing them back at school. 

Tag Rugby Festival at Mosborough Rugby Club

Our Year 6 Tag Rugby team competed against 18 other tag rugby teams this week at Mosborough Rugby Club.   The first part of the festival involved each team playing nine matches and then the best eight ranking teams would qualify for the quarter finals.  

We narrowly lost our first match but then turned on the fireworks to win our next six matches in a row.  We were just pipped in our penultimate game but roared back to win our final match.  

There was a bit of a nervous wait for the results to see if we had qualified for the quarter finals.  The organisers read out each team and by the time he got to the last two teams he still hadn't read our name out.  The tension grew............ then to great cheers of delight, he read out 'and our last quarter-final is.......Ridgeway verses Mosborough!' and we all excitedly rushed off to get ready.   We played our socks off and held our nerve to win a very close and exciting match. 

In the semi-finals we were to play the team we had played right at the beginning of the festival and had narrowly lost to.   The game was thrilling and we all played brilliantly yet again.  Sadly we just lost out at the end.  Although disappointed we were very proud of our efforts and to have come so far through the tournament.  Well done team, you were all fantastic and played superbly.  What a great afternoon. 

Dracula Day... Muhahahahaa!

It's been Dracula Day here in Year 6.  We all got dressed up into our wicked and evil costumes and enjoyed posing for the camera.  Following this we took turns to explain our characters to the class.  We revealed who we were, why we chose the character, where we had seen, read or heard of them,  our character traits and how we killed our victims - all very scary stuff!  We then took off to the year 5 classroom where we ruthlessly selected our pupil victims and pretended to kill them in a variety of horrific ways. 

Leaving Mr Thornton to try and breath new life back into the year fives we all returned to our classroom to deliver our Dracula presentations.  We were treated to fabulous presentations which revealed an enormous range of facts, figures, dates and even quizzes about all things Dracula.  After lunch we sat down and enjoyed the film 'Frankenweenie' and a few more presentations.  It's been a really  great day and thankfully we all survived to tell the tale.  Muhahahahaaa!